Author: Scarlet Brearley

Why Write?

Take a look at this year’s fantastic promo film! Writers like Juno Dawson, Sai Murray and Jasmine Cooray tell us why they write, and what writing means to them. Everyone has a story to tell – what’s yours?


NWD 2018

Take a look back at highlights from NWD 2018, learn more about the benefits of creative writing and why we need a National Writing Day.


Why we need a National Writing Day

Why we need a National Writing Day By Mónica Parle, Executive Director of First Story   Writing is as important as reading, so why is writing undervalued in our society? For the past nine years I’ve worked as Executive Director for First Story, a literacy charity that runs after-school creative writing programmes in schools in […]


Write Away!

You can still download our Write Away! activity and use it to get writing with friends, family, students or colleagues.