Why Write? – Sonya Hundal

Sonya Hundal is a British Asian writer and baker living and working in rural Lincolnshire, and a First Story writer-in-residence.

Sonya has created work for theatre performance and has mentored new writers as part of the Lincolnshire Festival of New Writing. She is interested in collaborative approaches to developing and producing ideas for performance.

As well as working on two novels, she now runs a successful wood-fired artisan bakery in Friskney, Lincolnshire.

Why Write?

I started writing when I was really young.

Before that, before I could read and before I could write I would spend time making up these imaginary worlds. I would notice things and I would bring them in and I would make my friends play in these imaginary worlds.

With my writing now I’m still doing the same thing. I’m noticing things, I’m picking things up, I’m hearing things, and I’m bringing them in and letting them mull over in my mind and then writing them down. Putting something down trying to share, explain, ask questions about these imaginary worlds.

The best thing about writing, for me, is when something’s been written down and then it’s shared. Writing is a very solitary experience and when you give your work to someone else, when someone else reads it, when you read your work out loud, you realise that what you’ve written is something else, it has some other meaning, it has another level, it has more depth, and that act of sharing is amazing. And hearing other peoples’ interpretations of your world – it’s an amazing way to connect with people, to see into their worlds, to understand what’s going on in their heads.

When I was younger I had an awful lot going on in my head. We all have it. We all observe things, hear things, notice things, things happen to us, and we’ve all got a story to share.

–  Sonya Hundal