Why Write? – Louise Wallwein

A renowned and award-winning poet, playwright and performer from Manchester, Louise Wallwein has made a name for herself as an explosive artist who detonates her audiences’ imaginations. Louise is in much demand as a writing tutor and mentor, and is an expert in creative engagement. She has directed 13 short films, collaborated with animators and musicians, and written four community plays. Louise believes in bridging the distance between a person and their own voice.

Why Write?

Why I write.

To get myself out of the way, mostly.

I write to tell stories that will change the world.

I write to make sense of the world and all the sentient beings that inhabit it.

I write to realise feelings like anger, love and desire.

I feel livid sometimes and I just have to write.

I write to understand human beings and to reflect back what I see to them.

I write because I love experimenting with language.

I love words. I love the world. And words and the worlds is like a puzzle. I need to work it out.

I write because I have to and need to.

If I didn’t write I think I’d be a completely different person.

I write because I’ve got incredible hearing and I’ve grown up quite alone and I hear the world speaking.

The act itself, of writing, is beautiful. Pen, page, ink – it’s an art. It’s beautiful.

The world itself is complex and gorgeous and I love writing about it.

I write because people love what I write. I can make people laugh, cry, think, ponder, wonder and question.

I write because I’m an activist.

I write because it’s the best way to show solidarity.

I live to write.

I write to give voice to those that everyone else ignores.

I write to be kind to myself and others.

I write because it’s my touchstone, my compass.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?


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