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Caleb Parkin is a poet, performer, artist, facilitator, educator and film-maker, based in Bristol. His career has encompassed media production, education, the arts, and their therapeutic/well-being applications. These days, he works with schools, museums, science centres, universities, and more, on creative writing, well-being & other interdisciplinary projects.

Why Write?

I write because it’s a way I figure out what’s going on for me in the world. And there’s a lot going on, usually. Writing is a way through the world, it’s a way to explore and celebrate and enjoy and fight back and point out a lot of stuff that’s going on that other people aren’t noticing, to connect with other people like you, to connect with other people that are totally different to you.

My love of writing began at secondary school, which is why I love working with First Story. I realised I could carry a notebook around and that was just something I could always have to figure things out and record all the things I’m noticing.

The best thing about writing is when something completely unexpected happens either in your own writing or in something you’re reading or watching.

The greatest pleasure for writing for me is when I get to sit at my writing bureau downstairs, and I just write when I know I’ve got an idea I need to get down. Sometimes I set a ten minute timer, you can get the bones of a poem down in that time. Sometimes I ignore the timer because I’m busy writing and I need to get those words down.

When I’m writing, and I write by hand, it’s a bit like dancing I think, there’s an energy and a physical movement to that that’s different for me to typing or tapping something on my phone, that’s my own preference. It feels something that’s a kind of fizzing that happens that I need to get out through those words on the page in pen and ink.

Caleb Parkin


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