“I can’t write” doesn’t exist

Writing means expression.

Whether it’s one word, or a few, a poem on a page, a memory or even instructions on how to make a cheese sandwich, it’s yours.

Have you ever read something that you so instantly connected with?
It is an art of the mind in its purest state and can capture moments and emotions in a way that you and I can laugh over because it’s so relatable.

It’s fascinating.

Because to write means to create. A world. A character. Thoughts. Maybe even a new fruit.

Putting words on a page isn’t easy. It’s a confession to a blank sheet, a doorway to a place only you know about.
Your mind.

But it’s a way of release even if that’s just for fun.

“I can’t write” doesn’t exist. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everybody’s is full of princes, dinosaurs or spells. We’re not all thinking about love or cookies or grass and that’s okay. I’ve learnt that writing doesn’t mean using the fanciest words or the longest sentences, but about being true to yourself and the words you create.

Her eyes are as blue as the sky. I mean, how many times have we heard that one? Writing gives you the power to explore, to let words wander and use inspiration from your everyday life to make something entirely brand new. Whoever she may be, to me, her eyes are the blue in my teacher’s wedding ring.

By putting pen to paper, I’ve learnt to grasp the very intricate, concrete details of my daily life to express myself and find out what expression means to me.

It can be a laugh, an escape, a bit of seven pm boredom, but whatever it is, it’s yours and it matters.

Your voice matters.

So, what’s your story?

Shakira Irfan is a year 12 student at Wembley High Technology College. She participated in the First Story year-long programme in 2015-16 and spoke at the Young Writers’ Festival.